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Calcium Silicate Benefits : Sugar Cane

Calcium silicates are emerging as one of the most effective sources of silicon in agriculture. Silicon is considered essential for sugarcane as it maintains the erectness of the plant, improves disease and pest resistance, and increases photosynthesis.

Sugarcane is a Silicon accumulator: an average crop can remove 100 to 175 kg/ha of silicon from the soil per average crop, and a very high yielding crop can contain over 250 kg/ha of silicon in the harvested biomass 1.

1 AUSTRALIAN SUGARCANE NUTRITION MANUAL June 2019 Chapter 21 : Silicon (Si) 91

Flinders Agriculture’s Calcium Silicate is a unique product as it contains a high percentage of both Silicon and Calcium.

The Results of Flinders Calcium Silicate

Cane growers of Greater South East QLD and Northern NSW have been regularly applying Flinders Calcium Silicate (Coarse) for many years and have obtained the following results:

  • Increased yields of up to 40%, with an average yield increase of 25%

  • Improved crop tolerance against salinity and waterlogging

  • Reduced leaf freckling caused by Heat and UV Stress

Other benefits of Flinders Calcium Silicate

  • Assists with enzyme regulation in sugar synthesis, storage and retention in sugarcane

  • Increased resistance to biotic attack by insects (e.g. stem borers)

  • Replaces the need for gypsum and lime by conditioning the soil and making it easier to work.

  • Alleviates aluminium toxicity in coastal acid sulphate soils.

  • Stimulation of the plants natural defences against fungal pathogens

  • Provides strength to cell walls; contributes to stalk strength and helps resist lodging

What is “Flinders Calcium Silicate”?

Flinders Calcium Silicate is refined from 100% sustainable and recycled materials, containing no substances that will contaminate the soil. (SDS available). Flinders Calcium Silicate is a unique product having up to 270kg of silicon and 140kg of calcium per tonne.

Flinders Calcium Silicate is being regularly applied by many cane growers.

Application of Flinders Calcium Silicate

Flinders Calcium Silicate (Coarse) should be applied prior to planting with a belt spreader. Flinders Calcium Silicate also conditions your soil making it easier to work and potentially reducing the need for lime or gypsum.

(Our Field Agronomists can assist with application rates and products customised for your soil).

When did you last apply agricultural silicon?

Flinders Calcium Silicate is being regularly applied by many growers in the Greater South East Queensland region. Call 1300 985 988 or visit to contact one of our field agronomists to discuss how Flinders Calcium Silicate could work for you!

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