Calcium Silicate Benefits : Lucerne

Calcium silicates is emerging as one of the most effective sources of silicon in agriculture. Silicon enhances soil fertility, improves disease and pest resistance, and increases photosynthesis.

The Results of Flinders Calcium Silicate

Flinders Calcium Silicate is being used on commercial lucerne at the Schmidt’s property “Rivermead” at Fernvale in Lockyer Valley they have observed the following benefits.

  • Flinders Calcium Silicate treated crop had reduced insect and disease pressure side by side untreated which was heavily affected and infested.

  • Flinders Calcium Silicate has stimulated root growth producing stronger and thicker stems, leading to higher yield in crops – in this case over 40%.

  • The growers comments were “the crop just looks healthier”

  • Reduced plant stress from waterlogging in the rains of 2021/2022 

  • Flinders Calcium Silicate also helped condition the soil making it easier to work. Replacing the need for additional gypsum or lime.

Other benefits of Flinders Calcium Silicate

  • Promotes upright growth which assists in preventing lodging.

  • Also assist with heavy metal and aluminium toxicity

  • Increases the plants natural ability to tolerate abiotic stresses such as frost, drought and salinity. Calcium Silicate as well as assisting the plant’s ability to resist biotic stresses like diseases, insect attack.

Application of Flinders Calcium Silicate

Flinders Calcium Silicate in this case was added as a preplant but could be added as a post plant as a side dressing and watered in.  Our agronomist can assist with application rates customised for your soils.

What is “Flinders Calcium Silicate”?

Flinders Calcium Silicate is refined from 100% sustainable and recycled materials, containing no substances that will contaminate the soil. (SDS available). Flinders Calcium Silicate is a unique product having up to 270kg of silicon and 140kg of calcium per tonne.  

 Flinders Calcium Silicate is being regularly applied by many growers in the Greater South East Queensland region. Call 1300 985 988 or visit to contact one of our field agronomists to discuss how Flinders Calcium Silicate could work for you! 

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